Anonymous asked:
So of a girl has a small belly (not a flat stomach) it's a turn off?

Nope. It’s all good.

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I have asked this before, so I will try again. I really like this guy at the gym. I check him out constantly and it seems that he is checking me out too, but he may just like the attention. If I ignore him or pretend I don't see him, he will come outside the gym to make eye contact. We have played this game for over a year now. I have introduced myself. I assume he knows I like him so am I safe to assume that he just likes the attention and he is not in to me? Should I just give him my number?

He doesn’t want to creep you out so he may just be playing it extra cool. Just keep saying hi and waving. Small conversations. Yeah, invite him out. “I’ll text you sometime!”


I usually don’t post long things like this, but I truly believe everyone should read this article and really let it sink in.

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Anonymous asked:
How do guys feel about chasing a girl

Pretty standard stuff, I suppose. The only thing I really have to say about this is that it’s frustrating when girls give you the runaround. They like you and you know it but ignore you or they wanna hang out then cancel and just be all fickle and shit. I know a lot of guys do that too but if a guy is being straight up with you then be straight up back.

Anonymous asked:
Everytime my boyfriend and I get into fights he cries and its honestly such a turn off

The man has some strong feels. Gotta take the good with the bad and go with it. If it’s a dealbreaker for ya then it’s a dealbreaker but you have to ask yourself if the bad really outweighs the good. No one is perfect, including your boyfriend and including you.

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Is it nice when girls have some abs

Whatever makes them happy, yo. Looks nice yeah, but some people do it for the wrong reasons. Whatever floats your boat and your boat only.

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What's wrong with girls/women being plus size?


Anonymous asked:
Are guys turned off by a girl my having a flat stomach?

Not at all. I love that. 

Anonymous asked:
Curly hair vs straight hair?

I love it all honestly. I guess it depends on what you mean. I love the not try so hard look where it’s kinda curly and wavy but it looks like you just didn’t do anything to it kinda thing? Does that make sense? Lol.

I love it all but every guy has their preference. I will say that straight hair is easier to play with but I honestly don’t care.

Anonymous asked:
Opinion of a girl waiting until after marriage? Ridiculous?

Hard in today’s day and age but if you can find the right guy then that’s amazing. I know only one person who is still waiting for marriage at the age of 24 but I know for a fact that the right person can change their mind. If you can find someone who shares that value with you then that’s awesome. The reason that sort of thing is hard nowadays is because this is the age of being open minded and breaking away from our grandparent’s values. Always look for and strive for what you truly want but I believe you have to be flexible. That doesn’t mean settle for something less than what you want though. 

Anonymous asked:
So I met this guy on a dating site we have been talking for about 2 months.. The thing is that we still don't text (he have me his number and stuff but still talks to me on the website about everyday) we've also video chatted countless times but every time we have tried to meet up (about 4 time) he cancels on me. I really like him and he seems to like me but idk if I should keep trying with him or just give up?

It might just be something silly. To me it seems like he’s insecure about meeting you. Tell him you’ve noticed that he’s cancelled a few times and make sure to say you’re not upset because you understand that things come up but then ask him if he’s sure that he’s okay with meeting you and that if it’s something you can do to help or whatever then to just tell you. Is it just cold feet or what?

Dose that make sense? If he is still being a butthead then I would say just keep plugging away and see if you can break him down. Lol. I don’t mean to have that sound bad but persistence is key. Don’t waste your time either though. Make sure this is something you want to pursue and if it is then go for it but make sure he’s not just throwing you for a loop.